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Asfendiou located 14 km southwest of Kos Town on the slopes of Mount Fair in an environment with lush vegetation. It counts some 100 permanent residents and in accordance with history the old village flourished in the years 1850-1940. Asfendiou because of the large vines and olive oil is of great architectural interest in two separate neighborhoods, Evangelistria or Pera neighborhood and Asomatos.

Near the village are small and beautiful villages Zia, Aghios Dimitrios, Zipari, Tigaki, Linopoti and Lagoudi. In Asfendiou you can admire the church of Asomaton Commanders of the 11th century with a beautiful wooden temple and the ruins of an early Christian basilica of St. Paul, just outside the village. If you go near the top of Mount Law at 840 meters, you will have the opportunity to worship in the church of Christ and take great pictures, looking at your feet almost the entire island.

2 kilometers to the south, lies the tiny mountain village Zia on the slopes of the Law with a fantastic view attracts many visitors, tourists, vacationers and locals Greek holidaymakers. In Zia will have the opportunity to buy many souvenirs crafts, and enjoy local and Greek cuisine as you will find many restaurants and tavernas offering a wide variety.

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