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Actions Property Market - Sale

The supporting documents must be collected by the seller are:

    Title of ownership of the property. If the property is derived by inheritance, gift or parental provision of appropriate certificates required for the corresponding non-debt tax (inheritance, gift or parental provision)
    Certificate of Transfer of the property at the Land Registry
    Tax awareness
    Solemn declaration by the transferor certified by the Tax that the transferred property does not derive any income or, if the income brought a certificate from the same Inland Revenue that it has filed income tax returns and declared the income from the property
    Solemn declaration by the owner certified by the Tax which indicate that it has included the transferred property in E9 form and has to make a declaration large property. If such a requirement is required by the Tax that has filed the statement has been included on the transferred property and paid the tax (FMAP)
    Endorsement by the municipality in which the subject property that there is about this property property rate (TAP). In its issue subject to presentation to the competent municipality a copy of title of possession of the property and he retired bill of PPC
    Cadastral excerpt from the Land Registry Office where the property is located in an area or cadastral different certificate from the Land Registry and Mapping Agency that Greece has made a declaration in time for the transferred property
    Insurance awareness by the IKA responsible if the property has been built within the last decade or seller practicing trader, freelancer or participates in SA The Company
    A certified copy of building permit and / or affirmation according to the year of construction of the property (before or after 1983)
    Recent Topographical Chart of the land with the declaration of the engineer that prepared only if the property is land for sale with or without buildings or land located within residential zone control.


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