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Property Market Operations - Legal Control

To purchase a property requires diligence. Made by a lawyer and is a check of the property titles. The lawyer goes to the appropriate Land Registry or Land Office to examine the legal status of the property.


Supporting property market

    Photocopy of identity card or passport
    Proof of payment of property transfer tax (FMA) from the competent tax office To calculate and to pay this tax, the notary must have issued a calculation leaves the objective value of the property to be transferred to a special declaration to the competent tax office
    If tax exemption for purchase of first home buyer must submit to the competent tax office:
        Solemn declaration to indicate that it has received a tax exemption for first home purchase in the past and that it has full ownership in another home or apartment.
        Certificate of family situation.
        A copy of the tax return last year and a copy of the certified E9 Tax his income.
        Certificate of excellence in the topographic responsible town office.
    Sworn statements which indicated that the property is not in a stream, beach or foreshore.
    For salaried employees:
        Photocopy of identity card or passport (for foreign passport copy, residence and work permit).
        Photocopy of last income tax statement.
        Tax clearance certificate.
        Photocopy of last three payroll receipts.
        Letter from employer indicating current position, years of service and salary.
    For professionals - entrepreneurs:
        Photocopy of identity (photocopy of foreign passport, residence permit and work permit).
        Photocopy of last three liquidating income tax and tax analytics.
        Tax clearance certificate.
        Photocopy of last published accounts (if any).
        Photocopy of the last income from property (if any).
    For businesses:
        Photocopy three last published balance sheets and profit and loss.
        Photocopy of last three income tax returns, tax and analytics last three liquidating Value Added Tax (VAT), if any.
        Certificate of tax and social security


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