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Supporting documents for the purchase or sale of property

Supporting documents for the purchase or sale of property
For the preparation of the contract necessarily and seller and the buyer:
• Have a Tax Identification Number in Greece
• Identity Card or valid passport
Additionally, the Buyer must provide proof of payment of property transfer taxes by the competent tax office
Additionally, the Vendor must provide
• Title of ownership of the property (Contract Title heritage, etc.)
• Copy of building permit, whether the property
• Topography of the site and floor plan
• Confirmation from the Tax Office taxation that this property has been declared in their annual tax returns and tax return large property if required.
• Establishment of the municipality in which the property by showing that the seller is not obliged Finally estate or municipal taxes on this property.
• Tax clearance certificate showing that he has debts to the State
• Insurance-date, showing that the seller has no debts to IKA, where it employs staff or erected the building recently.


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